Friday, November 14, 2014

Tearful Reading

I grabbed Green Vanilla Tea by Marie Williams in a wild library frenzy recently.

I started reading it without realising it was a memoir rather than fiction but it had me right from the get go. Williams watches as her husband of many years begins to act in strange ways.... a once caring, laid back, family focussed man is no longer any of these things.

... and so begins a challenging and heartbreaking journey of slowly losing someone who doesn't realise they are being lost, to an illness that no-one seems able to diagnose all while Dominic, her beloved husband, believes there is nothing wrong with him.

This book is so beautiful and moving - it is a love story of epic proportions. It is about the kind of love that maybe only a family can share, love that is developed over years of memories and re-membering, love that is pushed to breaking limits.

I cried and cried during this book.

This book makes me want to be a better parent and a better partner and to love wholeheartedly and without selfishness. It is tender and wild and strong. For anyone who has had to watch someone they love slip away even though they are alive I am sure this book will be a balm and an understanding.

Loved it.

Details - Finch 2013, RRP $24.99  also available as an ebook.

love you more than a reading cry xxx