Saturday, November 1, 2014

And Just Like That You Are Six

Dear Boy,

Our beautiful, laughing, joy-filled bringer of joy - Happy Sixth Birthday.

It has been such a delight to watch you grow this year. The way you bring to everything you do. You are a complete investor in triumph or disappointment it's all there. I like that enthusiasm, it suits you well.

 You have shown to be a natural learner this year. There have been fascinating facts and emphatic knowledge of special information. You have loved Spanish and seem to have a natural ear for it. Reading delights you and your favourite day at school is guided reading day. So often I am given special insight into what you have learned that day - you love to learn, may it always be so.

 You love to be the cute little brother but you are capable of being a serious and concerted listener and effort giver too.

I love how you are so generous with your thoughts and feelings and the way that even though Dad has already hugged you goodbye in the morning you must give him one final enthusiastic squeeze just before he slips out the door. I love the way you are so keen to help and contribute to the family and to be a helper wherever you are.

 You have always been such a contagious laugher, and this year is no different, multiple times a day our lives ring out with true, unfettered, belly laughing. It's one of my favourite things to hear.

You have a great little brain in your head and you have learned some very long memory verses for church. Your little heart composes such beautiful and thoughtful prayers that I often whisper silent thanks at getting just to be there to hear them.

 As you go into this new year I want you to know what an incredible gift you are, how much life you bring and how much I love your enthusiasm and joy. Oh my darling - the best is yet to come and we will be watching with joy how it unfolds for you.

6 minutes, 6 days, 6 weeks, 6 months, 6 years - all of those precious days we have loved you.

Happy, happy, happy birthday our one and only Bounce. xxxxxxxxxxx