Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Ahem, Hello, Hello... Is this thing working??

someone suggested to me recently that I am funnier in real life than in this space. They said it very gently in case of piercing offence through my thin skin rhino-hide.

I wasn't offended

I quite agreed

there are some blogs I read that I literally laugh out loud....mine isn't one of them...(I think you have probably already realised this)

thing is I like an audience (which sounds terribly self-centred and vain - yeah okay, so I can probably only deny that a tiny bit). As an extrovert I get a lot of energy from being in a room full of people and having the floor. It's other people that make me funny - it's not me, it's you.....

as much as I say I think I'm funny (which I really only think from time to time) it does actually surprise me when other people think I am funny because, on the whole, I'm just being myself and I'm not actually trying to be funny (in fact I find the pressure to be funny very scary - so I will not pursue a career in stand up comedy even though Stella asked me to)

although.... I do love to make people laugh, it's not in an 'I'm a comedian and so hilarious' kind of way. I like making people laugh because it's one of my favourite things to do, because I think laughing is really fun and I basically believe that a merry heart is as good for us as medicine (which is a highly para-phrased miriam-esque translation of a bible verse I like a lot). I think laughing is a good start on helping people towards a merry heart.

maybe I'm also afraid to be funny on here in case it doesn't read as funny- in real life I have my voice and face to assist in the delivery - I once said to someone 'For an attractive girl I can make myself look pretty awful' (he didn't know how to respond).

so anyway, what the heck does all this mean for you the reader who has hung on to the end of the post hoping it might go somewhere.... sorry about that

it means I might get more random or I might just stay my straight and steady course or I just might do a post about why I won't wear a matching bra and undies..... hold on folks it could be a weird and unfunny ride

I might lose Earnest (who I identify with a lot) and embrace Random (who I party with a bit).... or I might just play them off against each other until one dumps me.

Anyone else getting feedback in their foldback? (it's a music thing) or are you all feeling at home with your voice?