Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Wardrobe Wednesday - On Taking Risks and Feeling Average

Well here we are at Wednesday again and I'm looking forward to seeing what you all have on and hearing what you have to say.

This week I'm taking a risk - cropped top. Not so cropped it reveals my midriff let it be said. After (and even before!) 2 children my midriff is a sea of stretchmarks and really not what I would consider my best asset.

I don't actually mind the look but really I spent the whole day conscious of yanking it down (I really dislike the look of people adjusting and re-adjusting themselves when they are obviously uncomfortable in what they wore). So I can't say I'd do it again without some kind of absolutely-will-not-let your-bread-dough (rather than muffin top)-show.

The other thing I've been thinking a bit about is how we feel generally. On the whole I'd say I have fairly robust self-esteem. I'm pretty good at liking the me I am becoming and I'm hardly ever on the self-loathing bandwagon. However for some reason (perhaps it's too many Christmas puds!) I've been feeling very average, that's the bad average rather than the I'm okay in the scheme of things average. So today I've been thinking about actually how I feel doesn't change the way I look at all. Sure it may effect my confidence or the vibe I'm giving off but whether I love or loathe my body it changes nothing about it at all.

Kind of reminds me of the verse in the Bible that says 'who of you by worrying can add an single inch to your height?'. Point is.... this is my body and it is healthy and functional and wonderful.... so on the days I'm feeling on the blurgh side of average I'm just going remind myself it's more fun to celebrate what I do have and ignore that whingy one when she pops her head in after too many late nights and too many chocolates.

Okay, self-lecture over show me your stuff gorgeous ladies!

and you know I totally cropped my face off that last photo because it really was an awful face I was pulling!! :o)

Are you taking any clothing risks at the moment?

What's your strategy when you are feeling on the rough side of average?

Top - handmade
Jeans - handmedown
Shoes - new from Andrea Biani
Beads - school fair
Bangle - op shop

So what is Wardrobe Wednesday?
  • It's a chance to take some time once a week to peel off the polar fleece trackies (I have a pair too!!) and put on something that gives you a chance to have a 'play' in your wardrobe, to make yourself feel pretty/ stylish/ like a woman or at least not slummy!
  •  It's a time to celebrate and hopefully to embrace your body however you find it - post baby, young or old your body is lovely and functional and precious and I want this place to be a place for you to see other women (ordinary, beautiful women) who don't live in designer homes on designer budgets with designer bodies.
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Miriam x


Unknown said...

I love your spring flowery top and pop of yellow with the ballerines, especially with the winter cold outside here :-)

Cat said...

YES YES YES Miriam in jeans!
And yes I hear you re crop tops and muffin tops and waaaaaaaa I did show my belly complete with piercing BC (before children) ummmm and won't be showing AD (after deliveries)
Love this outfit Miriam

Leonie said...

It still looks good but yes i would struggle with a crop top and i struggle in clothes that dont feel right! The biggest risks ive been taking is pinning big flower clips in my hair - i know wild huh? :)

Kelly McLuckie said...

A vest underneath might help? I hear you about body confidence, but what an excellent point that whether we feel great or blurgh - it's the same us!

Ange (Tall, Short and Tiny) said...

You look good, as always, but I agree about the constant adjusting if you're not comfortable.
I've been wearing shorts a lot recently, which is big deal for me. I hate my knees & cellulite.
I try and give myself a break when I feel average. I've tried the "punishment" routine and it only makes things worse, whereas not thinking about it seems to be enough to get me out of that rut. Plus I keep a pair of very comfy jeans on hand for such occasions :)

Melissa said...

Oh crop tops....I would only do them with a longer fitted singlet underneath to keep the muffins at bay (but that defeats the purpose really!).
The colours are great, love how your belt and jewellery match x

Debbie said...

cool! I have a hand made top too! and jeans.... lol we think alike

Anonymous said...

Hah, this wil suprise you! You look amazing as always. Yesterday I wore a white shirt (I hear you rolling your eyes) and despite its designer label, a boring day behind a desk was all it was worth for! Ka kite, M.

Rachel The Hat said...

I think you look great! have you considered wearing a tight tank top/vest underneath to make you feel a little more secure? I feel exactly the same and since my little boy i have a tummy that looks like a road map and a flabby area that even i dont want to look at. I hate exposing it so always make sure im well covered. I think this looks super on you though and well done for trying something out of your comfort zone! I have that average feeling of late too. think its January blues for me...:-/ xx

A Silver Snapshot said...

Those shoes are to die for!!!!! And thanks for writing about self-esteem. This is something I think we women think we are alone in, but we all have bad days and need each other for support. Thanks for hosting! Happy Tuesday!

fabric epiphanies said...

I must admit, I am enjoying being able to wear jeans as well after the extreme heat. I like your floral top and also the yellow shoes, although yellow doesn't necessary love me.

Jen @ Librarian for Life and Style said...

Yes, I understand what you mean about feeling the average blues, also known as the "meh mehs" ;) Generally I lean on my go-to faves when I'm in that stage and ride it out.

Another idea for the crop top -- how about wearing it over a sleeveless sheath dress? You get the cropped shape, but none of the worry of tummy exposure!

Emily Devine said...

Those shoes! Love 'em. And I love your positive attitude, because we certainly all have those 'bleh' body days. It's important to be grateful for the functioning bodies we do have, I totally agree.

And your top is adorable! Maybe some layers would make it more comfortable?

Sara said...

Really appreciate what you said about the fact that we are always the same person no matter how we feel about it. I really love that middle photo of you with your beautiful smile! Thanks for hosting the link-up!

Jersey Blogess said...

you and me both girl - my children distroyed you still look great hun - love the bright shoes.

Alison @ Get Your Pretty On said...

I love everything about this post. Your honesty and getting out of your comfort zone are inspiring.

Suzanne said...

It might be the time of the year or the let down from all the holidays but I can definately empathize with your sentiments. I've been feeling extra blah after getting back from a wonderful vacation. I wish were Spring were right around the corner rather than months away. I find the weather usually helps moderate my moods.


Maria-Isabel @ Agape Love Designs said...

I can definitely relate to the insecurity of a crop top. Ive had 3 kids.. Ive been losing weight but still have muffin top!! haha

Anyways, I dont normally wear crop tops myself actually but recently bought a cute sweater that is a cropped sweater. And I only wear it with a cami or tank under it! But I also always wear a cami under every shirt anyways (I just feel more comfy that way!) But that could be a help for you.. so you still feel covered and maybe wont feel the need to keep pulling the crop top down?

Anywho.. Thanks for the link up!! BTW I read your top AND jeans were handmade!? Wow that awesome. I wish I had that kind of talent! lol


Ashley at flats to flip flops said...

Love the pop of yellow with your shoes!

Sarah Hulbert Style said...

Yay! I'm wearing yellow shoes today too!!! How fun to see you in pants, you look great. And I love all your turquoise accessories! ~Sarah

Little Miss Flossy said...

Wow Miriam - look at all those people who linked in! You must be so pleased. I've just spent a happy hour looking at them all. So much inspiration. Now I really want some orange tops...

Nikki said...

Linking up for the first time today! Your yellow shoes are so much fun - I always love a pop of color!!
Nikki at

CC said...

Great post, Miriam! You are so right - we cannot change anything by not liking it! ;)
And I love the crop top, but if you are nervous about your midsection (and really aren't most of us?) try layering it over a longer tank, or wear it with a highwaisted pencil skirt! ;)
As for body image, I try to focus on the positive and remember that how I look has very little to do with who I actually am. :)

OksanaB said...

Nice to meet you Miriam. I've just discovered your blog. Cute outfit! And thank you for hosting the party!

Amanda G. said...

I know what you mean. I dislike wearing things that I feel I have to keep readjusting all day. It's just uncomfortable and throws me off my A game.

My strategy for when I'm feeling on the rough side of average is to go to my tried-and-true looks great but still comfy combos. Something effortless and cozy. For me that usually equals my favorite skinny jeans, a top and a cardigan.

Daenel T. said...

I think we were sharing a mood this week. It's the weather...

Notchka said...

Love the houses top so much I bought that fabric (true story) - I have a simple fix for you - long line tank underneath - no constant adjustment or risk of peeps of 'bread dough' for you. You have to wear your bow top more (that's a risky cut for you is it nomt). Just sayin!