Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Rambling Confessions of My Mind

I need a PA - so that she or he will turn the oven off when I leave it on and smoke the house out, this person could also respond to emails seeing as I am always forgetting and post mail that sits in my handbag and gets covered with crumbs and other debris until it is long overdue to be sent

I also require some self-control - so I don't maim myself on a toasted sandwich - like I did last week, actual blister on my lip! Does any one else have trouble with 'wait it's hot' or is that just me and my kids? I could also do with self-control when it comes to itchy tags - I wait until the itch makes me so enraged I rip the tag out - no dainty trip to the ladies with a pair of scissors for me - no I rip that thing out and usually make a whole in the garment at the same time - guess this is why I should continue to make my own label free clothes. Self-control could also spare me  from multiple trips to the pantry when I am bored, tired, .....insert reason here.

I'd also be partial to a finisher - this person would complete tasks - pretty much everything I start I find trouble finishing - those last few dishes? check, hanging out that last load of washing? check, that enormous half-folded pile of laundry? check, mending - do not get me started! Mending? who wants to mend or hem or sew that almost fallen off button back on? Who are you and when can you move in to my house? .... there are also half written thank you cards, half tidied piles, did I mention the laundry that needs folding - just follow me round and finish those tasks I started all at the same time - that's me not you Mr/Ms Finisher - you can carefully work through each task one at a time and complete them properly, that is why you are in my life.

I could also do with some socks... yawn,  The Atlas put one of mine on the fireplace to dry it the other day and it melted so now I only have 3 and a half pairs.....I do hate socks - not the actual socks themselves (although there are some furry man-farmer socks The Atlas owns that I think are very, very ugly - not that it stops me wearing them in the cold) it's the washing them, hanging them out and pairing them - it takes me to a very sad place. Really - I wait until there are no socks left in the house and then I finally wash them and it uses every peg and every ounce of my will to hang those suckers out.... Bounce even has a friend who has started wearing mismatched socks to be like him - he doesn't realise it isn't intentional.

So I just need a PA, a healthy dose of self-control, someone to sort out my sock issues and a finisher for Christmas, I could also probably do with someone to sort out my grammar, use of commas, over-use of exclamation points, dashes and ellipses....

I know it's a good 20+ weeks away but never too early to put in your requests right?
What's on your Christmas wishlist?

Congratulations to Jess B the winner of the Trade Aid Scarf - you'll be hearing from me soon!
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Max said...

i buy 20 pairs of exactly the same black merino knee high socks every year. total sanity saver. dont have to wash them very often (merino takes ages to go smelly) and having 30 + pairs means weeks when i dont have to wash them. i have been thinking of rigging up a very low washing line so claud can peg them , but i just know the cat would pee on them or i would have done it by now! socks, pah! you have my sympathy x

tartankiwi said...

Oh Miriam, this post had me laughing out loud, especially the bit about socks... I am soooo with you! Washing and hanging socks has to be the most boring job in the world and I always end up running out of pegs. And how do dirty socks multiply and end up all over the living room floor (or is that just at my house...?)
I may or may not be known to say "I got distracted" rather a lot when it comes to half finished housework.

Miriam said...

I just need to bite the bullet and do something like that for me too - Love the comment about a kid-size line. Child labour and all that!

Miriam said...

distraction is my middle name even when i am just doing housework I'm still working on 3 or 4 jobs at once!

Simoney said...

Brilliant post Miriam - I think I should add one of those Finishers to my Christmas Wish List too