Thursday, July 12, 2012

Make My Week #28 - baby quilt

The Atlas has a work colleague about to leave to have a baby and so I asked if I could make something special. Bless him he even let me show him some stuff I liked on my quilts pinterest page and I have another board of quilt loveliness here too.

The quilt is made from pieces all from my stash and inspired by lots of different pictures I like. It is free motion quilted. I actually hand basted each piece on and then basted the whole thing before I started which took an evening but was well worth it in the long run.

I added the border as an after thought and I love it. I was going to have the Suffolk puff blossoms all over the ground under the tree but the crafters I had over in the planning stage recommended them on the tree and I think it's a better choice.

I backed it in super soft brushed cotton. I have included a putting it together collage because I quite like the sense of development. I am pretty random in my approach - cut and place and hope for the best.

I'm pretty pleased with the results and I think The Atlas was too.

It always amazes me how irresistible a quilt (even a half-finished one) is to lie on and play on and we don't even have a cat! The boys just couldn't keep themselves off it.

I need some inspiration for a winter craft project that I can take on holiday and do by hand - I don't crochet and my knitting is pretty atrocious.... ideas???

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Max said...

oh miriam, its adorable, what a lovely gift! what about some embroidery? I really want to do one of those constellation embroideries i have on my embroidery hoop art pinterest page. are you off to the snow? i am really craving a winter holiday x

Sophie Slim said...

This is sooooo lovely!! <3 <3 <3

I don't really know anything about quilting but it looks to me like you did a fab job!! :)

You could always learn to crochet :) Its pretty easy once you get the hang of holding the hook!

Debra said...

How sweet is this...and you are one brave and gracious lady to allow the litte ones on this with reckless abandon....before finished!!
Gorgeous, well done!

tartankiwi said...

It turned out beautifully- and that border is great, such a wonderful and colourful addition!.
I'm on the lookout for portable projects too. The only thing I can come up with is hexies (but I'm turned off by the idea of cutting them out- yawn). Or you could try hand sewing a softie (to be stuffed when you get home).

Miriam said...

totally going to go and check those out. Yes off to SNOW and hang with my beautiful boys

Miriam said...

thanks, I might need to crash tackle Deb and get her to teach me

Miriam said...

There isn't much a girl can do when she crafts on the lounge floor!! They are pretty good and careful though

Miriam said...

yeah that could be a go I need something to inspire me and I need it fast!! :o)

amy said...

This is really a gorgeous gift! I second the embroidery idea, or some handsewing. Sewing wool felt by hand is so enjoyable--maybe a seasonal bunting you could do in pieces so it's easy to take along?

Ginx Craft said...

Your quilt is amazing. Really lucky friend.

Saskia said...

THis is the first time Ive commented on your blog. I notice we look at very similar blogs, I see you post on my friend Jess's blog...also Em beetleshack, Jodi, Che and Fidel etc... i love them all. I want to say your very talented, I love this quilt, i think it would loo super cool in naturals, or recycled blankets/sacks/linens.
God Bless.

Hootnz said...

This is a gorgeous quilt, and I love the border too!
It's lovely to see your boys relaxing and enjoying some of their mum's handywork...that's love :)

Amy @ onacraftyadventure said...

Just saw this Miriam, It is GORGEOUS! You did an amazing job! Make more!