Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Wardrobe Wednesday #19 - She's a Mod

So last week I kind-of remixed a dress but this week I am revealing my proper 'remix may' garment.

This is my NEW stripy dress for $8, unworn, from my local oppy.

I bought it on Wednesday last week and put it on when I got home and styled it up.

I think it will be fun to see what else I can do with it, although I feel a bit brave working with a dress - ideas please?

 Naomi I know you will have some!

I've taken the photos next to my 'needle work wall'

Dress - $8, Shoes cheap sparkly sequined numbers from the warehouse a couple of years ago, tights $11 Farmers, Belt (which I wore last week too) $10 on sale from Dotti. And the final photo for fun!

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Judging by The Atlas response to this dress I could have happily spent a lot more than $8!


Sophie Slim said...

Wew! Look at those legs! Hottie!

Love this dress, each week you could change it to remix. Dress, wrap around, cardi, short capped cardi??


Jess B said...

What a knockout you are! I reckon that's a great dress for remix - you can mix it with any colour, maybe even another pattern? Tights, leggings, cardigans, boots. That belt is so sweet too, with it's little bow. You have great style.

Miriam said...

Yeah I think the layering at the top is a definite starting point and that might help with accessories too!

Miriam said...

Thanks! I think the tights thing could be a great jumping off point too (I do have rather a lot of them!)

Unknown said...

You look gorgeous Miriam, love that dress. Am jealous of it, I want it! Haha. I thought you had super tanned legs until I looked closer and realised they are tights haha! I think we need to swap hair colours! Can't wait to see how you remix the dress, I love your creative ways of making things look great! xx

Miriam said...

ha ha that would be super tanned and NOT in a good way!! :-)

::The Beetle Shack:: said...

Lady! You are rocking taht dress! I love that belt too!

xo em

Miriam said...

Thanks, was very pleased you decided to join in with us on Wardrobe Weds