Monday, June 25, 2018

Bookish - The Hunters

Heya friends,

I am always keen to see books that highlight more of what makes Aotearoa unique as a nation - culturally, geographically and in terms of our flora and fauna.

The Hunters by Debbie Stewart is a hugely comprehensive book that will satisfy any bird lover, especially those who are interested in birds of prey.

The book is an excellent mix of photography, 'at a glance' style pages of facts, profiles, and much longer chunks of text around various topics.

There is an introduction to all our birds of prey as well as chapters covering Māori and birds of prey and extinct birds of prey. However the book does not stay in history, it covers all the kind of information anyone might like to know from falconry practises to how urban dwellers can encourage birds of prey and support their population growth.

I especially like that all birds are given their Māori, English and Latin names and that there is a relaxed approach to the use of these names throughout the book.

There's even a great page on the turns of phrase and language that have become part of popular vernacular that relate to falconry - including terms like 'under the thumb' and 'hoodwink'.

A beautiful, comprehensive book written with an expert mind and a bird lover's heart. This would make an excellent gift.

Details - Penguin Random House, June 2018 RRP $50.00

love you more than new knowledge of local and long ago things xxx