Friday, March 10, 2017



I recently got an invite to a sewing retreat, one of the people going had had to drop out and they offered me the place. Whoop! A whole weekend of uninterrupted sewing, my own room and all food provided for a very reasonable cost? ... um yes!

As a sewing retreat virgin I had a fear that I wouldn't take enough and I'd run out of things to sew - enter the lists! I wrote lists of things to do, lists of what I needed to take with each project - thread, binding etc. Then I wrote a master list of what projects I had - which I happily ticked at the completion of each project over the weekend.

The worst bit about sewing for me is the prep so I also cut out, sewed darts and overlocked all the relevant pieces for 2 peg pinnys, a hoodie, a pair of pants, 2 dresses and 2 tops.

The retreat was at Living Springs - about a half hour drive away and it was stunningly beautiful. This is my sewing view. So good for the soul!

I'll blog about the projects separately but for your info.

Completed projects:

Friday night - 
2 dresses
1 top

Saturday - 
2 x peg pinnys (if you don't have one you should - they are a game changer)
hemmed a throw for our bed
1 top
1 pair of pants
machine sewed binding on the edge of a quilt

Sunday - 
removed the waistband from an op-shop skirt and bias bound the new waistline
hand stitched the binding onto the back of the quilt from the night before
did some Boro (visible mending) on a pair of jeans that I was given

I had 2 projects I had thrown in at the last minute to cut out if I had time and some other picture hand sewing to do if I had time. I didn't get to those but always best to be prepared! If I had sewed for longer on the Sunday I may well have got to them.

I started sewing at about 6pm on the Friday and finished sewing at about 12:30 on the Sunday.

And I met a whole group of incredibly talented, diverse and inspiring sewing women.

How about you - ever been on a creative retreat?

love you more than the sound of whirring sewing machines xxx