Monday, February 27, 2017

T-Shirt Applique

Hey, Hey :-)

Every year I like to make my boys a pair of PJs to open on Christmas Eve. This year things came down to the wire a bit - we left for a month long road trip the minute school finished and I've been working so in the end rather than making the PJ bottoms I bought a pair of boxer shorts for them each.

Although, Flip doesn't actually do a lot of PJ wearing during the year I still wanted them to have something to unwrap but I said they could wear them for t-shirts if they wanted to - they both do.

A wolf for Flip, who has a massive thing for wolves


a pair of hummingbirds for Bounce who likes many animals but certainly hummingbirds rate high on the list.

I used clip art to help with my silhouettes then bonding fabric with machine free stitching to make sure they didn't come away. Super happy with the result.

Catching up on some little left overs from 2016. What are you bringing into the new year with you?

love you more than a pair of hummingbirds xxxx