Tuesday, January 10, 2017

More Summer Reading - Meet Me At Beachcomber Bay

Heya book lovers,

This year I discovered Jill Mansell's books in the local library and read 3, or was it 4?, in fairly quick succession. When I get a fiction book, especially an easy read, I tend to devour them pretty quickly. I like Jill Mansell as an author. She's not too demanding or high brow but her books are well written and enjoyable.

All of the books I've read of hers have been romance based but not based on characters that feel 1 dimensional or too out of the realm of ordinary people. The romance aspects are tactfully written and don't leave you feeling like you need a cold shower.

The latest book I've read of hers is Meet Me at Beachcomber Bay.

The book is set in Cornwall and mainly follows the journey of Clemency and that spark of connection that is long remembered, if forbidden, in circumstances outside of her control.

There are several other key characters as well and each have their own difficulties to face when it comes to love, secrets of the heart and a past that wants to catch-up. There are the inevitable crossed wires and the lovely resolutions, for most, or maybe all - you'll have to read it to find out.

What I enjoyed about this novel was that it didn't unfold predictably - there were some kinks in the road and some unexpected revelations that kept the story moving and engaging. I felt like the characters had some depth and there weren't any perfect or perfectly awful (well maybe one) types.

My critique would be the cover choice for the softcover version - for me it makes the book look like a YA fiction in terms of the photo of the characters and setting. I think the book is much more than the cover suggests, luckily I never judge a book by its cover!!

This is a really feel good read and great for chilling on a deck with a fabulous view over the beach and dreaming of a beach house entirely out of financial reach.

Thanks to Hachette NZ for an advanced reading copy. All opinions expressed entirely my own, naturally.

Details - Meet Me at Beachcomber Bay, by Jill Mansell Hachette NZ 10 Jan 2017, RRP $34.99 also available as an ebook.

love you more than an open home on a Saturday afternoon xxx