Thursday, December 1, 2016

Hello Birthday


I'm firmly in the celebrate birthday camp. I'm so blessed to have had 39 years here and I'm all for a day of laughing and enjoying myself.

On my birthday I tell pretty much everyone - the lady at the supermarket checkout if she asks how my day is, anyone I'm having a meeting with, I take chocolate to work. I believe in celebration and I'm not about to sit a day out thinking 'no-one remembered' and feeling sad.

I'm going to help them remember. ;-)

I'm not demanding anything from anyone, other than a willingness to enter the celebration of the fact we share life together.

I hope that my happiness to celebrate rubs off on other people and that their day is better for having enjoyed a hug or a happy exchange on my birthday.

As an aside, you know you are a mother when you are rummaging with your hand in your handbag searching for a lipstick and you find a nerfgun bullet (toy! no real guns in this house!) instead.

Happy birthday me - here I am looking not my best! May we all be unashamedly ourselves everyday of the year!

love you more than caramel salted brownie xxx