Sunday, March 25, 2012

Hi? Testing, Testing....

This is my brand new blog - I've been blogging for a while at wordpress but I'm having trouble adding buttons and the like so I'm dipping my toe in the water with blogger :-)

For a little bit I'll be publishing here and there.
Thanks for visiting. Leave me and comment and say hi!
On this blog you can expect to see:
B.W.M.B - becoming the mama I want to be - being intentional in the way I parent (tuesdays)

Wardrobe Wednesdays - joining in with other mama's flashing our wardobes!

Make My Week - I try to make something new every week of the year (thursdays)

Grateful Fridays - linking in with other people being grateful.

and you will also find the random inner ramblings of this 34 year old mama of 2, wife of 1, daydreamer, creative type, Jesus girl

1 comment:

Sophie Slim said...

Ah Miriam! I am so proud of you! I feel partly responsible for this wonderful change in your life!

YES! Evangelical Sophie :)

I hope its working out and not too confusing! There's SO much to uncover and explore. Just shout out if you need any extra help :)