Thursday, December 28, 2017

Wearing all the Dresses

Hey Y'all,

So as you may have read I have been doing Dressember which is a fundraising drive for two charities - The International Justice Mission and A21.

It's been amazing and I've ended up with sponsors for every day of December which has really blown me away.

As part of that mission I've been getting the ever faithful Atlas to take pictures everyday and sometimes my sons.

Because I've been a bit missing from here lately I thought I'd share some pics of the December that has been Dressember so far.

I do hope you had an appropriately well-fed, family fueled Christmas.

I've spent today clearing out my sewing room with my favourite sewing partner in crime, my sister. I might share some pics.

Also apparently I love putting my hands on my hips! ;-)

love you more than keeping up to date xxx