Wednesday, September 18, 2013

We Recommend - Card Games

Often board games can be expensive - too expensive for me to recommend to most people - but card games are not so bad.

This year Flip turned 7 and his Aunty/Uncles gave him UNO and Monopoly Deal Millionaire. Both games are worth about $10-20 and they have been played and played and played.

Flip is a total maths lover but I know UNO is a very popular game in his year 2 class at school too. I think it would be a worthwhile choice for any game loving families with children from 6+.

Monopoly Deal Millionaire and Monopoly Deal (slightly different but similar concepts) are games that require a little more strategy, great for children that like strategy and numbers.They are also quicker than a traditional board game.

My bug-bare with both games is the cardboard packaging that requires you to ruin the box trying to get them in and out. Solution? I picked up some cheap ($2-3) sistema click-clack style boxes at the supermarket. If you are buying these for a present and your budget extends I think it would be very appreciated by the parent of the receiver.

Both games can be played by 2 or more players which is great for the UNO champs the men/boys in our family did recently.

Another card game that Flip is just starting to pick up but we have played with adults at dinner parties is Pit. Fast, loud, very little skill required it is a lot of fun. I think this would be a great game for families with older children who like a game that doesn't require a whole night but creates some good family laughs along the way.

For smaller people we have fish card game that is basically 'happy families' (4 of each type of card) that Bounce loves. It's simple enough to play as a pair but still fun for Flip to join in on too. I really like the different types of fish in this one and Bounce has pretty quickly got a handle on each one even though he can't read them. (and it came in good sturdy packaging!)

Are there card games you love that get played again and again at your place?

I think these types of games are also worth watching out for second hand too. Our family thinks second hand gifts are great - you'll know how that would go down at your place :o)

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