Saturday, February 9, 2013

February Giveaway - A Laugh Out Loud Read

First up congratulations to Jackie who was the winner of Mr Whistler.

Lovely Gecko last week asked if I would like another book to review (um.....quality books for the shelves...that would be a yes!)

and when I cheekily asked for an extra to give away they said yes.

So very early on Tuesday morning the courier knocked on the door with a copy of Anton and the Battle.

Without wishing to be sexist this is a book that boys 'get'. By half way in they were laughing out loud - on a first reading - no extra explaining needed. It taps into that 'I'm louder, faster, stronger...' thing that seems to be ingrained into the male psyche.

(and my boys are actually lovely, pleasant and not what you would describe as 'wilful' but oh that competitive drive to push harder, higher, further....)

I had to read the book twice before we left for school, 3 times after school and then The Atlas had to read it when he got home - he loved it.

It's not all about competition, it's actually sweet too but if you like quiet, demure books then this one might not appeal. If you're all for a bit of fun and a book that has totally delighted my boys (the illustrations have been compared to Peanuts) then I think this book will really hit a note. Warning you will find out just how loudly your four-year-old can say the word 'Louder!'.

If you want a copy leave me a comment and tell me about a book you think really 'gets' your kid/s.

****As an aside I do believe a well written book can be enjoyed by anyone of any gender but as a mother of boys I know they 'get' it more than me. Obviously I make my observations as a mother of only boys. I still think it's a marvellous, enjoyable, imaginative book. ***

Closes on 20th of Feb or thereabouts! :o)


Fantastikat said...

When my son was younger he loved The Noisy Book (which fitted his personality perfectly), and now at age 3 reads it to his 6month old sister :). Who's Driving is a lovely book that incorporates his love of animals and cars/trucks/aeroplanes = it gets him!

Sophie Slim said...

So cool, I love the illustrations, and the fact that the next day you were extremely excited about the book!

Milla still obviously doesn't "get" books yet, but we have the "Dear Zoo" book in flap form, she looooves opening the flaps and making lion noises :)


Lauren said...

My son is really in to dinosaur books at the moment- and "The Dinosaur That popped Christmas" is currently getting read over and over! He likes the fact that it talks about poop and dinosaurs, but he also understands the message that you shouldn't be too greedy.

Hootnz said...

Yip definately sounds like a book we would get!! that competitive streak in ingrained :)

Melissa said...

This book looks divine! I have a boys-boy and another on the way and I think it's really important to let their natural competiveness/boisterousness/roughness be allowed to shine.
We love The Three Fishing Brothers Gruff by Ben Galbraith. It's a great adventure, a story of right and wrong, good vs bad with very boyish come-uppence for the baddies!

Devour the words said...

This looks like a book my youngest would LOVE.

In regards to book that get your children. Im going to take a different path and say

You are special by Max Lucado (and his other books are lovely also). I have a son who struggles with confidence and fitting in. A friend gifted us this book and then passed down others. I read it to him a lot and it opened up many a deep conversation. It was priceless and just what he needed as a deep thinker.

bee said...

This book looks awesome. My kids loves Zog by Julia Donaldson, it's funny and the illustrations are gorgeous : )

Meghan Maloney Photography said...

Ooh this looks like such a fun book - and yes it looks like a total 'boys' book - would love to win it! At the moment we're loving 'There Are Cats In This Book' which I'm doing a review on later this week :-)

Leonie said...

It looks like such a fun book! As a mum of three girls there is plenty of competition and wanting to do everything the others are doing if not better! Its funny watching them help each other to beat themselves though! Imaginative stories with magical creatures are hot in demand at the moment here - the monster who ate darkness is one of the all-time favs :)