Friday, February 1, 2013

Better Late Than Never 1-6/52

A lot of mama's have committed this year to taking a portrait of their children each week for the year.
I love this idea .... I'd love to do this and then make both the boys a photo book from it
So I'm going to potter along with these I think we must be up to week 6
So week one
I love this photo of Flip so taken with the an afternoon of water fighting
and my wee bounce emerging from his cacoon - literally
week 2
a shared moment, private, beautiful, precious
week 3
Clip and climb a local climbing gym
which they so love
week 4

in a stream at Arthurs Pass
reading to his brother and little friend

on Hokitika beach showing me his penguin hideout driftwood sculpture
week 5
and today they wanted to pose for photos with their special toys - so hilarious and cute all at once
These posts are really for me to see this year unfolding through their eyes and their adventures but I'm sure some certain grandies might tune in especially for them too :o)


Leonie said...

Your boys are such cuties Miriam!

Unknown said...

Such lovely photos, I especially like the one with the teddy bear on the chair, so cute :)

Janine xx
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Naomi said...

I think one of the photos is missing - from Hokitika in a stream?
Such cute photos though!

Bron said...

Just catching up on your the photos and that is my plan too ...a photo book of a year in their lives....good job getting started. xxx

Leonie said...

Cuteness!!! xx