To Do 2013

I rather like lists and I especially love that feeling of crossing things off the list so these are some things I'd like to do/try/aim for in 2013:
  • Make something from my stash every month
  • Make something/s using some of my embroidery/doily stash
  • Build a letter box
  • Join in with Me-Made-May
  • Dye my hair
  • Make and photograph a new baking recipe each week from one of 5 beautiful books I have

  • Make 12 things from my craft book collection
  • Make some 'quiet books'
  • Make a Yo-Yo quilt of some kind
  • Do a random act of kindness each month
  • Dress more consistently the way I'd like to
  • Have 6-12 giveaways on my blog
  • Try some re-fashions of clothes I own or buy
  • Get rid of more than I buy 
  • Cull DVD cupboard done
  • Cull kitchen draws and cupboards also done
  • Sort through my sewing/creative space

Of course I may add to these, I may not achieve them all but I like to have some goals I am not bound into these I am inspired by them.

What are you hoping to achieve this year?


Naomi said...

A good list - looking forward to seeing the results x

Miriam said...

thanks! me too :o)

Cat said...

ohhhhhh I like this list
I might 'borrow' a couple 'inspired by Miriam' and add them to my challenges I haven't completed yet

Miriam said...

feel free to borrow as many as you like xxx

Anonymous said...

I totally have yo-yo's to donate to the quilt!

Many blessings for 2013 xx