Thursday, June 21, 2018

Bookish - for fabulous little people


One of the things I most enjoyed in the early years of parenting was the hours spent consuming books together. Even now I continue to buy children's books and read them for pleasure.

In June there are some new releases from Penguin Random House that I am rather fond of already.

Roald Dahl's 1 2 3 and Roald Dahl's Opposites - both illustrated by Quentin Blake (of course!) are board books. When my two were small I really resisted board books initially because they looked like they were for 'babies' and so I worried we wouldn't keep enjoying them when the boys grew out of that stage. What experience taught me was that board books would allow me to enjoy reading with my boys much earlier without having all the pages scrunched and torn in excitement.

So, now I often give board books as baby gifts, because you can never start a book obsession too young right?!

The 1 2 3 book is a sweet book of counting 'chiddlers' (I do love imaginary words in children's books) and spotting the naughty crocodile on each page. The book is clearly based on the Enormous Crocodile book. (We have a great rendition of Stephen Fry reading this as an audio book, so good!). I would say in my experience some little people, the monster loving and chasing loving kind will love spotting the crocodile. There may be others who find the crocodile and sense of suspense more difficult to cope with.

Details - Penguin Random House, June 2018 RRP $15.99 BB

The Opposites book is one of those great books that has lift the flap features (a favourite with small fingers) and is mainly animals all of which feature in different favourite Roald Dahl books. The book has simple illustrations and great use of colour. I can see this one being a firm favourite and quickly becoming one a little person can 'read' all by themselves.

Details - Penguin Random House, June 2018 RRP $15.99 BB

Finally, another classic by Lynley Dodd. A Dragon in a Wagon features Dodd's classic ability to rhyme with style and fun. Susie's dog is a perfect little friend for walking but wouldn't it be nice if he could be something a bit strange or different just for once? Have fun as Susie's imagination runs away with her until she falls, and then who does she really want at her side? For anyone who enjoys Lynley Dodd and crazy animals.

Details - Penguin Random House, June 2018 RRP $17.99 PB

love you more than shelves that are fit to burst with great books xxx