Monday, August 7, 2017

Bookish - I Love Dad and Sky High

Heya Bookworms,

Today I'm back with a couple of very special picture books.

I Love Dad by Eric Carle who of course brought the world The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

There is something about Carle's illustrative style that is instantly recognisable and enduringly appealing. This small and simple book uses some of the lovely cast of animals Carle is so famous for.

It's a child's love letter to Dad - describing the characteristics of a Dad. A perfect book for a first father's day or a little person who loves to read with their papa.

Details - Penguin Random House, August 2017 RRP $15.99 HB

Sky High: Jean Batten's Incredible Flying Adventures by David Hill and Phoebe Morris is the next in a very welcome series (I hope!) about Key New Zealanders and their stories.

The combination of Hill and Morris is a good one the illustrations really enhance the text and make it a great book to read. First to the Top, published in 2016 documented Sir Edmund Hillary's journey and this one is about Jean Batten.

Jean Batten is a wonderful example of tenacity and paradigm breaking. This book is a great introduction to her. I especially like that there is a timeline of her life in the back. The story is very readable and contains some wonderful titbits about her life. A gorgeous book.

Recently I was reading a with a student and the story was about Edmund Hillary and I was surprised to discover she had not heard of him. These kind of books are important for New Zealand children to read - we have a wonderful list of characters who have played on the world stage and beautiful books help our children to meet them, be inspired by them and carry on their legacy to us.

Details - Penguin Random House - Picture Puffin, August 2017 RRP $25.00

love you more than a woman who flies right through glass ceilings xxx