Friday, February 24, 2017

Augusta Hoodie by Named Patterns v2

Hey gorgeous people,

So remember last year I made the Augusta hoodie by Named patterns (and I whinged about the lack of seam allowances...) and I said I would make another one? Here I am wearing it in 'real life'!

Well I totally did and then I didn't blog it... you know Christmas, holidays, life!

This one is made with a fabric I loved and eyed up one day in spotlight (the love hate relationship continues on) and then one day it was 40% off - so I bought it.

I lined the hood in light turquoise gingham that I had in the stash.

I love the faces and with the buttons I placed them so they look like hair clips on the faces. The buttons are vintage pearly ones that were in my stash. I didn't make any other changes.

I have some super cute fabric in my stash waiting a life as some kind of hoodie/sweatshirt but I'm going to use another pattern I think.

So what's been sewed but not shared in your life lovely? ... or are you awaiting a good dose of crafty inspiration?

love you more than a green pearly hair clip button xxxx