Sunday, May 8, 2016

Yeah I Made It - High Vis

Hey lovelies,

So my sister and I had an epic op shop haul of fabric a while ago and after we divided the spoils I had this scrap of neon lining fabric. Enter idea for making myself a biking vest.

It's probably a good time to introduce you to Bernice - my new bike. She's a little hardier than in the tyres than Beryl (who was left in Australia, with a new home). Christchurch roads are still a 'little' rough!

The Atlas and the boys bought me these gorgeous panniers for mother's day, and The Atlas fitted the mudguards, back rack and bell. Now I can bike to school in style, and visibility.

To make the vest I eyeballed the shapes and cut them out and then added some reflective stripes that I bought in a set from Spotlight. I also used fold over elastic to bind it that I grabbed from Creative Junk when we were there a while ago.

There are some other makes lined up on my table and 2 weeks until we are back in our house, hellow sewing room - I have missed you!

Here's to riding to work.

love you more than pink reflective stripes xxx