Friday, August 14, 2015

In My Neighbourhood - Recycled Reads

Hello bookworms,

Having not had the opportunity to get out on Fridays I was very excited last week to get to the monthly event at the city library - recycled reads.

That's right book lovers, second hand books and supporting the library - yes please!

The sale isn't massive but it is a lot more than are usually on sale at in the bin at the front of the library. The sale goes from 11- 4 the first Friday of each month.

Books seem to be priced at about $2.50 for non-fiction and $1 for children's books. I think I may have bought the top priced item a $5 copy of the 2013 Guiness Book of Records. (I was very popular for that!).

I also picked up some excellent picture books.

A copy of this book which I think I need or may need in a few years (giving myself plenty of reading time here!):

And some craft books - need I say more?:

So, all in all, instead of racking up library fines to support my local library I support them by purchasing second hand books and relieving them of their excess stock - I am such a philanthropist!

love you more than sore muscles from carrying too many books at once xxx