Monday, February 9, 2015

Furniture - Kind Of

So our new place is unfurnished - hoorah which means we get to furnish....

whilst I do like a good house and garden (actually just the house bit) magazine I also don't want to spend all our income on furniture.

Also I really want to buy as much second hand or re-use as much as possible when it comes to making accumulation decisions.

The boys are in quite a small room with very large wardrobes which is kind of pointless seeing as they don't own anything that hangs up and the only ironing that gets done in our house is every morning when The Atlas irons his shirt for the day....

So when it came to draws I wanted to use the wardrobe space instead of the floor space in their room.

Enter a cheap set of put it together yourself shelving from Bunnings, but I knew that would still end up in rather a mess so rather than purchase a whole lot of plastic boxes we just used the boxes we moved with. I taped them up again and cut them in half using a kitchen knife. (yes I am that blatant in my disregard for doing things carefully).

Then we let the boys decorate them and for the in-between space (because we couldn't fit 3 across) we used those soft but not too soft reusable supermarket bags.

For a grand price of about $15 and some awesome reusing (even if I do say it myself) we have their draws sorted. The Atlas also has the same shelves in half our wardrobe for his clothes.

So easy, so cheap and so recycly. Don't you think?

love you more than extra money to spend on the furniture that counts xxx