Monday, August 4, 2014

My Process - Blog Hop

Earlier in the year I met Juanita - another international import to Adelaide and she tagged me in this blog hop. I hope you find my answers (vaguely?) interesting!

1. What am I working on?
hmmm... in terms of blogging I am generally working on a lap top that is well past its expiry date and I hope it shall continue to defy the odds!

Personally I am working on a few things - 

  • a children's picture book which I am writing and creating illustrations for and sincerely hope will be picked up. 
  • Writing and delivering workshops for teachers in how to teach performing arts from the new Arts Curriculum released here.
  • trying to do all the paperwork (yuck, how it bores me) and jump through hoops, so that I can get registered here and do some relieving work
  • volunteering a day a week at church to help with writing the children's programme and doing creative stuff to help creative people
  • spending some time doing voluntary work in the boys' classes to (hopefully) support the teacher
  • crafting, always some crafting, also the 100 days project
  • I'm also working on working out what pathways I want to pursue more seriously as 'work options', preparing myself to take risks, balance what has been a beautiful season of 'staying home with my babies'.... this is a tough one and very much a work in progress
  • helping with dance teaching on a Friday afternoon
  • preparing for taking a couple of laneways learning classes
  • ways to avoid housework (life long project)

2.  How does my work differ from others in the genre? 

I find defining what genre my blog is rather difficult. I'd say it's an entirely average blog about a multitude of topics that include - parenting, crafting, exploring, living intentionally, reading books, reviewing stuff....

It differs from the good ones doing the same because it is less well edited, the photos are more average, and the content less curated.

It (hopefully) differs from the really bad ones by being legible, nicely laid out (thanks Simone) and generally upbeat and positive.

Of course it is made wonderful by your presence and interaction and your grace in not pointing out its obvious faults!

3. Why do I write what I do?

Because all of it interests me, or matters to me. Yes I could have a much more "beautiful" blog if I dropped off the family content but then I would loose out on recording our journey for us and also my family would stop reading it *hi Grandad, I'm waving at you*.

So I write for myself and my own agenda first, but outside of that I write because I want to encourage people to enjoy parenting, and feel empowered to be more creative, to celebrate the way they want to dress, read good books, choose good things, see things that interest me, take some creative risks and not worry about perfection all the time, to laugh, to love others generously, to consider their place in the wonders of the universe and maybe consider engaging with an all pursuing Love. That stuff is why I write and I hope it's what you get some of when you visit here.

4. How does my writing process work?
Sit down, type stuff, upload average photos, sometimes re-read, schedule and hit publish.

Where to - I'd love to ask Meghan to answer these questions because I know she has been considering them, also Deb because I love the power and grace she brings to the blogosphere and also Stella because I think beginning work, and making other creative transitions are changing the landscape of how she blogs too and I'm interested in knowing her thoughts on it.

Of course they may be too busy but I'd love to get inside their heads. If you ladies would like to do say yes and keep the hopping going.

There are so many great blogs I read and I find these 'personal posts' really interesting so if any of you want to answer them and tag people do go ahead and let me know so I can some and visit.

love you more than a perfectly balanced blogging style xxx