Thursday, August 14, 2014

Make My Week - Another Collaboration

So I made a special quilt with Bounce as you recall. There were of course leftovers (always over-cater, always over-buy fabric - these are some tenants I live by)!

So Flip decided to design his own 'maths quilt' - not surprised!

It was great he lined up the fabrics and then we talked about making a border from squares so we measured and calculated the size we would need for each square. Like Bounce he made all the layout choices and I simply sewed.

He added mathematical symbols in various places and then I let him choose some of his own minky dot fabric for the backing.

I love that it is such a reflection of him - his passion and his visual asthetic for layout even though he was just playing with leftovers.

A lot can be achieved when I slow down and encourage.

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love you more than 2 quilts for the price of 1 xxxx