Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Attached to Stuff?

Right, I think this is going to be a whingy post... buckle up folks. (Oh, and don't take me too seriously, okay - I never do, in about half an hour I'll be totally over this feeling - truly!).

It's difficult for me to live simply and not have stuff, because I like stuff. I'm currently going through my craft room (which is the most wonderful little space in my world) and it feels like ripping off one plaster after another (and that's only one shelf!).

Some people love throwing things out (I know this because I am related to about 3 of them) but for me it just feels like a chore and I so want all these little treasures to go to someone else who will appreciate them like I do.

... but I don't want to force all my stuff onto another person who doesn't want it...

and I know it will be almost impossible for me to give this stuff away without telling all the stories that go with each piece: where they came from, what I planned to do with them, what they could do with them... and then I feel like I'm trying to convince someone to love something just because I do - I don't like that feeling.

So, shall I just take it all to school and hope some other crafty mamas are stoked or invite everyone over and get them to just grab stuff???

What's the best way to get this stuff to people who will be stoked to have it - mainly, selfishly, because I feel better about setting something free if someone else is thrilled to have it?

and I still have all this to sort and the draws, shelves, half-done projects..... and that's just the craft room!

so, yeah a little over-tired, over-cleaning and over having to shake off all the excess junk in my life.

love you more than the self-control to go to bed early, clearly! xxx