Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Best Things In Life - Giveaway

I love trade aid.

It's one of those shops that every time you stop there you come away feeling better about the world.

The shops are beautifully stocked

the shop workers (I really want to call them shop keepers) are volunteers

the prices are amazing

and they sell birthday candles that say this on the back:
These candles are hand made in Calcutta by a self help group for those who can neither speak, nor hear, except visually and others who cannot go anywhere, except in their imagination and yet who aspire towards self-sufficiency and acceptance as contributing members of society.

Isn't that just beautiful and heart-breaking all together?

So I bought 24 birthday candles, that I do not need, for $3.99.

But really how could I not? That's less than a cup of coffee and a whole heap more meaningful.

For 99cents each they also have number candles.

I decided I'd like to send them to someone who reads my blog - just because I can, and because these are quite possibly the best birthday candles ever. Who could not feel loved with birthday candles as special as these on a cake? Or, maybe they should just sit somewhere in your kitchen to remind you to count your blessings and make cakes for those who need to feel loved and accepted in the world.

Perhaps you just need to make a 'no-reason cake' and load it up with candles and say a prayer for all those in the world who need a voice and people to believe in them.

Leave me a comment and I'll put you in the draw. :o)

Love you more than chocolate butter cream icing. xxx

If you don't have a tradeaid near you - you can shop online here. (not being given anything for this except the good feeling of sharing the love!)