Monday, July 22, 2013

B.M.W.B - Anyone for Chess?

I'm quite particular about some things - as Eeyore puts it 'we all have our little ways'

I won't play Monopoly, even though Flip loves it. I just can't play a game where the point is to bankrupt other people. It feels too harsh - I still remember playing a game as a child and my mama had to mortgage a property - yeah, I felt that sad. A counselor may have a lot to say about this......

anyway, I don't like chess either - not for any moral or emotional reason. I just don't like it. Flip loves it.

so on holiday I played chess with Flip at Haruru Falls in the campground. I didn't have to try and lose because actually, he could beat me fair and square.

My favourite bit was watching the boys set it up.

that, and corrupting Bounce to call them prawns instead of pawns. Somehow it feels a happier game when you are moving the prawns all over the place....

Hope you are enjoying the holidays and taking little stretches out of your comfort zone, to try new things with those little people you love so much.

thanks so much for linking in and inspiring me with your journey

love you more than a prawn at Haruru Falls xx

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