Friday, January 29, 2016

Making - Stack and Slash

Some long years ago I learnt the stack and slash method of quilting which is good for a non-perfectionist, impatient crafter like me!

When The Atlas had someone on his team having a baby he asked me if I would make a quilt for them - I do love a good request from The Atlas.

Not knowing what they were having (a person of some gender I assume!) or knowing their personal style I tried to take a middle ground.

I actually just made the top and backed it with our favourite bumpy fabric. I let my boys help me choose the fabrics within guidelines.

They love it (or they lie well!!) which is all you want really when you make something for someone else.

My first official make for 2016 (although it was made in 2015 - full disclosure and all). I'm not sure how much making will happen until we are back in our own digs, probably in April/May.

How's your crafting started? I do have some very good fabric scores already for this year though... more on that another time.

Love you more than a happy recipient xxx