Thursday, December 10, 2015

Yeah I Made It... 49/52 the no-effort dress

When the temperatures are in the forties and you are about to pack up and move countries the urge to sew becomes strong!

This is a longer version of the simple 'kimono tee' I've made at least 7 versions of. This time I extended the length and did a bias bound neck and sleeve finishing and a rolled hem (first time I've used this function - great for chiffon). I did the usual french seams.

As you can see one need a slip underneath which is no help with the temperatures but it's comfortable and effortless to wear so that's something!

I'm churning things out of the sewing room at the moment so that I can take them back as clothes (slightly easier to justify than fabric!), so watch this space.

Shoes - op shop
Dress - me made from about 2m of chiffon
Slip - hand me down
Necklace - silicone beads, me made
Sunnies - the reject shop

love you more than a start and finish in 2 hours project xxx