Monday, November 30, 2015

47 and 48 of 52


It would seem I have been getting more paid work, which is good when one is planning a move that involves plane trips and relocations. It is not conducive to the fine art of regular blogging. We shall see how the selling of ones (many) accumulations, planning of Christmas and finishing of the school year influence this pattern.

In the meantime - these lovely boys have been occupying my delightful down time.

I do appreciate their company a great deal.

We are learning to surf - and having success!

A birthday date for me and November boy - fondue at movenpick again, not complaining.

This big one reading a 'new' (second hand) Calvin and Hobbes, while we waited for lunch in the markets.

Family, a family with children who like each other, so good for a mama's soul.

love you more than a second hand book xxxx