Monday, February 10, 2014


See this hair - no gel just sweat waiting for the bus in 42 degree heat or some such thing. Apparently we're back to 43 degrees on Wednesday.

  * as a side note do not trust Wikipedia when it says the average summer temperature in Adelaide is 29 degrees, whatever crack pot meteorologist who said that never lived here. We've had maybe 3 or 4 days lower than 30 degrees since we have been here. 3 or 4 days people!!! It's too hot *

I fear that I am also becoming one of those awful people who only ever complains about the weather and has nothing else to talk about, I should probably change that or I'll never make any friends.

ahem...  and here is my big one. We had a lot of fun playing on this abacus at a cafe on Saturday afternoon. He's also holding UNO cards which were in the toy box too. His kind of cafe!

Joining in with Jodi